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According to recent studies, depression rates strike over the festive season. The dark weather, the weight gain and the get together with old friends and family that you don’t see often can cause a feeling of melancholy. Here are my personal top tips how to stay positive and motivated during Christmas time and the cold winter months.

  • Sad-Dog-In-Christmas-Hat-dpMake a plan

After the excitement of Christmas, going back to the old, regular routine is something that lowers lots of people’s spirits. So make a plan what you will do after Christmas. This might be to book a holiday in the sun that you can look forward to, writing that thesis, or doing something from which you will benefit later on.

  • Do some exercise

The serotonin that exercise creates actually works to make you feel better, as it releases mood boosting endorphins. So why not go ice skating with a friend or just go for a nice winter walk and enjoy the christmas lightening as well as a nice cup of hot chocolate when you return home.

  • Avoid over-eating

It will not only make you feel guilty but stressed out after Christmas because you need to lose all the weight afterwards.

  • Go to the sauna or the solarium

During the cold winter month it is very dark outside which can lower your mood. The gentle warmth of a good old sauna or the light in a solarium can lift up your spirits again.

  • Stay busy and social

The worst thing you could do is to stay at home all by yourself and do nothing. So get your ass from your sofa and go out there. Meet up with your friends and always stay busy and social.


Always keep in mind that your own thoughts create your mood and your entire reality, so just stay positive. I wish you all a merry Christmas and that you will beat your winter blues 🙂


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Christmas is over, all presents have been opened, the Christmas tree is gone and the awful month of January is looming. If that wasn’t enough, the weather is cold, stormy an rainy. Have you ever noticed how bad weather seems to drag the spirit down with it? Fear not! Read on for a solution to seasonal blues.

Image source: healthystyleny.com

Image source: healthystyleny.com

  •  Spend some time appreciating what you have been given for Christmas, if you have been given books, read them; DVDs, watch them etc. Enjoy yourself and simply relax!
  • Spend time planning New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year while sharing a few laughs and good food with friends. If you like going out, make some reservations to celebrate the new year, if you like to have it more cozy, oganise an at home party with food, TV and some fun games.
  • When all the Christmas decorations are gone, don’t leave the room empty and decorate it with your favourite winter scented candles, flowers and so on. Invest in things that make you feel more comfortable.
  • Look back at all the good moments of the past year and appreciate it. You can even make a scrapbook or a poster with pictures and all your favourite memories on it. In the meantime, it is also important to look ahead, think of the new year and maybe come up with some new year’s resolutions and look forward to te future. 
  • After all that Christmas food, it’s always a good idea to do some sports. Especially outdoor exercises get not only your metabolism going, but the sports combined with fresh air also releases endorphins in your blood which makes you feel happy and more good about yourself and your body.
  • Pamper yourself and keep yourself warm! When it’s cold outside, why not go to the sauna with a good friend or simply sit by the fire, snuggling up with a loved one or pet, piling on the blankets and having a warm drink like hot chocolate to keep yourself warm. Also now is the perfect time to get that manicure to make you feel better about yourself or simly do a nice facial mask in the comfort of your on home to relax. Here are some ideas for DIY masks for every skin type, as well as here
  • Brighten up. Winter comes with the shortest days and lowest light of the year. Go out if you can. If you can’t and have little  daylight, use full-spectrum lights, light or white walls, and perhaps some vibrant accent colours.
  • Keep in touch. Call friends or make new ones. If you regularly attend club meetings, church, or other activities, try not to interrupt your routine just for bad weather. If transportation is a challenge for you, link up with friends or helpful people who can give you a ride to and from your usual activities.

    Image by myskincarecritic.com

    Image by myskincarecritic.com

                     Always remember that without winter, no one would appreciate and love the summer so much! 🙂

xoxo, Kim

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