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Poem: Deception



When everything around you is rushing and fading away like the golden lights of cars in the rain whizzing by

When words as soon as they leave your mouth are hitting the heart like plowing raindrops, leaving the soul in trembling uncertainty and making their way to your salty eye

When everything else seems to be painted in hundreds shades of cold grey

When the dark tunnel gets longer, hiding the warmth of the light and echoing your own dumb sounds

There seemed to be you.

But life is not standing still and if you do so, it will overtake you as fast as lightning.

When in the end there is nothing left than the bitter doubt of deception lurking in the mind.

There is me.




by Kim Heinz


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Poem: In my dreams

When I close my eyes I see memories with you floating by in black and white like a movie, the smell of your perfume still in my nose.

When I open my eyes I see that you are not here, your warmth is gone, the smell of your perfume slowly fading away.

In my dreams I see how things could have been. Colourful, glimmering sequences of on old, blurred filmlet.

I hear sounds, voices, people, laughter everywhere. Far away

just not here. Inside me, everything is quiet.

It’s a bright, lovely and sunny summer day.

But not here. Here, it’s winter.

Only you bring me summer, people and laughter

in my dreams.


poem by Kim Heinz

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Poem: Blurred water circles

Clear water turned cloudy or ist the cloudiness that is slowly vanishing?

Once I heard your whispers in my ear, now I hear blurred reminders in my head of something that never really has been.

Through rumours, through the smile, talk and walk of other people, through the sound of a sweet or a bitter melody, through the frictions of thunderstorms, through the smell of rain falling down the streets on a hot summer day, through the shadows that a lantern throws on the pavement and through blurred water circles in the pond

I sentence them.

Water circles, waves and ripples are formed by responding to stones thrown into the water.

They are tranquil and lively at the same time, they are the circles of live.

But no one is throwing a stone anymore. Maybe there will be rain?

watercirclespoem by Kim Heinz

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Poem: Speechless…

North sea photography by Kim Heinz

North Sea
photography by Kim Heinz

I am wandering through the grey streets


Dark day, rainy day.

Outside there is nothing

Inside there is nothing

So much has happened

Or maybe not?

Not much has happend. Not enough.

Where are you?

Sad day.

Was it?

Rain stops.

Maybe this could be the first day


North Sea by Kim Heinz

North Sea
by Kim Heinz

poem by Kim Heinz

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