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According to recent studies, depression rates strike over the festive season. The dark weather, the weight gain and the get together with old friends and family that you don’t see often can cause a feeling of melancholy. Here are my personal top tips how to stay positive and motivated during Christmas time and the cold winter months.

  • Sad-Dog-In-Christmas-Hat-dpMake a plan

After the excitement of Christmas, going back to the old, regular routine is something that lowers lots of people’s spirits. So make a plan what you will do after Christmas. This might be to book a holiday in the sun that you can look forward to, writing that thesis, or doing something from which you will benefit later on.

  • Do some exercise

The serotonin that exercise creates actually works to make you feel better, as it releases mood boosting endorphins. So why not go ice skating with a friend or just go for a nice winter walk and enjoy the christmas lightening as well as a nice cup of hot chocolate when you return home.

  • Avoid over-eating

It will not only make you feel guilty but stressed out after Christmas because you need to lose all the weight afterwards.

  • Go to the sauna or the solarium

During the cold winter month it is very dark outside which can lower your mood. The gentle warmth of a good old sauna or the light in a solarium can lift up your spirits again.

  • Stay busy and social

The worst thing you could do is to stay at home all by yourself and do nothing. So get your ass from your sofa and go out there. Meet up with your friends and always stay busy and social.


Always keep in mind that your own thoughts create your mood and your entire reality, so just stay positive. I wish you all a merry Christmas and that you will beat your winter blues 🙂


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