I love February because it means carnival, valentine’s day and of course my birthday 🙂 It’s actually my birthday today and while you are reading this I’m off to Brussels.

HelloFebruaryUsually I’m spending my big day surrounded by my family with lots of cake, but for my 25th Birthday I wanted to do something special and travel to a place I’ve never been before. While I’m more than aware of how very young 25 still is, I kind of feel the urge to reflect on myself as a person, what I have achieved so far and on my goals because turning 25, I can’t just say “I’m in my early 20s” anymore. It means that there are no longer excuses for bad decision-making because I’m still “so young and trying to figure everything out”. More than that, it also means that this is the time that you should be a help, instead of a burden, for your parents.

This again means that you should actually start choosing a career and stick to it whilst progressing and developing yourself. Furthermore it also means that you can’t jump in and out in relationships and “see what it brings” but start choosing a man who you can actually imagine to stay with him forever. To me, Twenty-five is when things start to change, begin to turn over — I am going to finish my studies in July and will start applying for jobs and because the village I’m living in at the moment is so small, I know that I will have to move to a very different place where I will meet very different people…

For me, it also means it would be five more years until I turn 30 and want to get married and have kids. It’s a wake up call to actually take matters in my own hands and start creating and living the life that I actually want!  So no reason to panic- just a reason to finally start living the life you want 🙂

My sister's Raffaello cake

My sister’s Raffaello cake

What does turning 25 mean to you or what did it mean to you? Happy Birthday to everyone who is turning 25- you will be just fine 😉


For my outfit of the day I went for something cozy and warm as well as stylish. I paired my favourite studded leather jacket by Zara with a cozy, thick knitted sweater in a light blue colour which lightens up the entire outfit. I’m also wearing my grey H&M leopard print treggings which I just love.



Heavy knit and leather

Heavy knit and leather

This is what I ate today: healthy farfalle on a spinach-rocket duet sprinkled with roasted sunflower seeds.

20140103_181158This must me one of the healthiest pasta dishes I ever had because it’s not only with super healthy spinach and rocket salad (everyone needs their leafy green vegs!) but the farfalle are also made out of wholemeal. Oh and it was delicious too 😉


I’ve been recently asked a lot about hair care tips, hair growth and my hair in general, so I thought it’s about time to share with you my secrets how I maintain my long hair. I’ve also written a post in the past about how to grow your hair when it’s shorter. You can read it here

I like my hair most when it's natural-wavy

I like my hair most when it’s natural-wavy

My natural hair colour is a medium brown and I like to lighten it up with lots of warm highlights. Because of the bleach and my thick, wavy hair texture, my hair is always very dry. So I’ve tried and tested lots of hair care products for dry hair to maintain its health. Here are my current favourites:

My current favourite products for dry/damages hair

My current favourite products for dry/damages hair


What I'm using on my hair when it's dry

What I’m using on my hair when it’s dry

These are my goodies from Germany- if you’re not from Germany you might find these on the internet. The pink bottle contains a moisturising treatment which is all natural and organic, with aloe vera and hibiscus. I spray it into my hair whenever it fells dry or just to give my hair a nice smell and to freshen it up throughout the day. Also from the organic brand Alverde is the moisturising butter in the front which contains avocado. I use this especially in winter when the spray treatment is just not quite moisturising enough-this definitely is ;)The clear bottle in the middle contains nettle water which I every once in a while to massage my scalp. If you want to grow your hair a good scalp massage is very important because the health of your hair starts with the roots! Last but not least the good old coconut oil which you can find in almost every supermarket. It’s perfect to moisturise your dry ends, it’s all natural, makes your hair look super shiny and smells aaamazing. I also use this as a deep conditioning hair mask every now and then.

Hair products for under the shower

Hair products for under the shower

These are more international products. I use them under the shower- oops, not the phyto 7 cream though 😉 This one is just another awesome leave-in treatment for the hair, contains 7 different plant extracts and acts as a daily moisturiser- I couldn’t live without it! Eco Awesome by TIGI is my favourite shampoo. It’s a moisturising shampoo with white tea and without any sulfates. When you want to grow your hair you must make sure that there are no sulfates in your shampoos because they are very harsh on your hair. The small bottle in the middle combined with the bottle on the right are my favourite conditioners: Tommy Guns Jasmine, wild nettle & sweet almond conditioner smells amazing and is perfect for thirsty and coloured hair. Another favourite is the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor for damaged hair which contains aloe vera and mint and smells just like bubble gum- I love it! In the front you can see my favourite hair masks: The rainforest moisture butter by the bodyshop is all natural and leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky. The phytocitrus mask by Phyto is a great favourite because it contains proteins that help strengthen and rebuild brittle, dry and coloured hair.

phew this was a lot! Are you using any of these products and do you like them?  If  you want me to do an in-depth review of any of these products, please let me know 🙂



As requested, here is my Fashion Friday post again! I’m showing you my favourite dress (skirt-sweater combo) for winter with two different styling options.

Option 1: Going out for dinner

Option 1: Going out for dinner

Shoes by Schuhtempel24

Shoes by Schuhtempel24


I just love this cozy dress for winter. Although it looks like I’m wearing a sweater and a skirt, it`s actually a one-piece set. One-piece sets are super comfy and easy to wear, especially this one with the fluffy, white woolen top. The comfy top stands in contrast with the dark skirt part which is a trendy statement with the tribal prints on it.

It’s also very versatile because you can either dress this combo up for going out with accessories and heels as in picture 1, or you can dress it down as in picture two with boots and dark tights for a casual city trip.

Would you wear a onesie like this? What do you think of the two looks?


Option 2: Casual city trip

I Option 2: Casual city trip

I’m back again from my winter break and promise that I will do my best to stick to my weekly “What I ate Wednesday” and “Fashion Friday” posts. Of course you will also see the odd poem and some posts on the latest beauty trends 2014, so stay tuned 🙂

Dessert Inspiration: 

IMG_2152To be honest, my main course wasn’t really worth a mention or a picture, but this doesn’t bother me at all because the dessert was heavenly. I had a light berry tart with pistachios and self-made cinnamon ice cream on mixed berries, mango and fig with fresh, warm plums. The spicy taste of the cold cinnamon ice cream combined with the cozy warmth of the plums make this a really nice and healthy dessert idea, especially for winter. Made by my lovely mum ♥




When everything around you is rushing and fading away like the golden lights of cars in the rain whizzing by

When words as soon as they leave your mouth are hitting the heart like plowing raindrops, leaving the soul in trembling uncertainty and making their way to your salty eye

When everything else seems to be painted in hundreds shades of cold grey

When the dark tunnel gets longer, hiding the warmth of the light and echoing your own dumb sounds

There seemed to be you.

But life is not standing still and if you do so, it will overtake you as fast as lightning.

When in the end there is nothing left than the bitter doubt of deception lurking in the mind.

There is me.




by Kim Heinz

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