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My outfit of the day was my favourite skinny jeans, a red lace top by New Yorker and my strap kitten heels by H&M. I like it because it is so comfortable while it still looks rather elegant.



Strappy kitten heels

Strappy kitten heels

And before I forget.. last week was my Birthday and I had such a great time! I’m sending out a big thank you to all of you who made this day so special. I’m really blessed to have such a great family and awesome friends! 🙂

If you were wondering what I got for my Birthday, here you go 😉


cute owl bag, gift voucher for a professional photo shoot, sleep in rollers, clothes…

Thank you all so much, I felt very loved  xoxo Kim


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For my outfit of the day I went for something cozy and warm as well as stylish. I paired my favourite studded leather jacket by Zara with a cozy, thick knitted sweater in a light blue colour which lightens up the entire outfit. I’m also wearing my grey H&M leopard print treggings which I just love.



Heavy knit and leather

Heavy knit and leather

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As requested, here is my Fashion Friday post again! I’m showing you my favourite dress (skirt-sweater combo) for winter with two different styling options.

Option 1: Going out for dinner

Option 1: Going out for dinner

Shoes by Schuhtempel24

Shoes by Schuhtempel24


I just love this cozy dress for winter. Although it looks like I’m wearing a sweater and a skirt, it`s actually a one-piece set. One-piece sets are super comfy and easy to wear, especially this one with the fluffy, white woolen top. The comfy top stands in contrast with the dark skirt part which is a trendy statement with the tribal prints on it.

It’s also very versatile because you can either dress this combo up for going out with accessories and heels as in picture 1, or you can dress it down as in picture two with boots and dark tights for a casual city trip.

Would you wear a onesie like this? What do you think of the two looks?


Option 2: Casual city trip

I Option 2: Casual city trip

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Fall season means snuggling up in our warm, cozy homes. But when we are outside, we want to keep warm as well as looking hot. My go-to outfit for autumn will be the versatile pixie pant which is a stable in my wardrobe because it’s so comfy and easy to wear.

Here, I show you 6 ways how to style your Pixie pants this fall season:


I love pairing them with boots and if you want to keep your feet extra warm, you can wear knee high socks under your boots.


Of course, you can also dress up your Pixie pant with some colourful heels.

Oh, and if you don’t want to spend all your money on pixie pants (they cost around $90) any thick leggins which isn’t see through will do!

How do you wear your Pixie Pant or thick leggins this fall season? Let me know in the comments 🙂

xoxo, Kim

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This outfit is so easy to wear and has become my go to outfit for going out. It’s a simple black dress with a lace cut-out in the front and the back. I got it very cheap on eBay and I think it looks much more expensive than it actually is.
I paired it here with my black dune wedges and for a pop of colour a turquoise spike necklace from Primark.




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Lana del Ray leggings by H&M is the fashion trend this year and I was so upset that I couldn’t get my hands on those leggings because they were all sold out so quickly. But now, I thankfully found one on eBay (new!) and I’m so happy 🙂

Here is how I style the leggings: for a pretty summer evening outfit with my white peplum top for a chic going-out outfit.





Please let me know how you style your Lana del Ray leggings. Maybe you can show me some pictures?


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This is the outfit I wore last night for going out with my friends. Because I knew it was going to be late, I went for a long jeans. Because I still wanted the outfit to look bright and summery, I chose a bright pink Jeans and teamed it up with a light and breezy white lace top. I kept it minimal for a hot summer night and didn’t wear any jewellery or other accessories than my black Gucci leather bag.



No make up look

No make up look

How do you like my simple summer evenig outfit?


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